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Safeguarding of Machinery: Understanding CSA Z432-04 (1 day)

Safeguarding of Machinery: Understanding CSA Z432-04 (1 day)
Learn how to protect workers from machine hazards-still a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities-using the CSA standard for safeguarding machines.
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Learn how to protect workers from machine hazards -- still a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities -- using the CSA standard for safeguarding machines.

Machine and equipment hazards can result in injuries, amputations and death. This solution will help you:
  • Avoid costly incidents, prosecutions and fines, property losses and down time
  • Build staff capacity and knowledge in the area of recognizing, assessing and controlling exposure to machine hazards and consistency when multiple locations are involved
  • Demonstrate due diligence and meet your legal duty to train workers and ensure that training can be applied
This course, developed in collaboration with CSA Group, builds your knowledge and understanding by taking you through the key elements of the standards, from assessing hazards and risks to workers to selecting and applying guards and safety devices.

You'll also find out what your legal requirements are when it comes to machine guarding. Includes hands-on exercises and a copy of CSA Z432-04.

Topics include

  • Introduction to the standard
  • Application of the standard - when and where does it apply
  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Basic concepts and general safety considerations
  • Mechanical design application Performance requirements
  • Application requirements of safeguarding devices
  • Additional hazards
  • Training requirements
  • Evaluation

Upon completion, you will be able to

  • Become familiar with the CAN/CSA Z432-04 Safe Guarding of Machinery standard
  • Understand what risk assessment is and use a spreadsheet to assess worker exposure to hazards
  • Discuss the basic concepts and safety considerations around machines Get practice in using the standard in class
  • Get information on the selection of guards and guarding devices



Target audience

CSA Z432-04 standard is geared towards those who design, build, modify, install, use, operate, or maintain machinery, machinery guarding, or safety devices.

This program will be of interest to:
  • the manufacturing sector
  • the farming and retail sectors
  • workplaces located in and outside of Ontario, including workplaces with multiple locations
  • managers and supervisors
  • maintenance and purchasing personnel
  • safety professionals and engineers
  • project managers and safety committee members

Delivery method

This is a one-day, instructor-led course offered in collaboration with CSA Group.

It is delivered at a public classroom and can also be delivered at an on-site location.

Contact Customer Care at 1-877-494-9777 or 905-614-1400 for more information about on-site availability.

For locations outside Ontario visit the CSA Group Learning Institute.

Scheduled Events

Location Function No. Start Date Price
Mississauga - WSPS Training Facility 177855 Jun 18, 2014 $539.00
Mississauga - WSPS Training Facility 177861 Nov 14, 2014 $539.00
Ottawa - WSPS Training Facility 177862 Nov 06, 2014 $539.00
Peterborough - Holiday Inn 177854 Apr 23, 2014 $539.00